Haben & Esey

8 • 24 • 13

About Us



Haben was born in Asmara, Eritrea. She goes to Yale School of Medicine, MD/MHS Class of 2014. Her favorite past times are reading, spending times with her friends, and playing with her siblings. Her favorite things are laughing, hanging out with family and friends, eating Eritrean food, reading books and watching movies.



Esey spends a lot of time infront of computers. He loves watching soccer, gospel songs, company of family and very close friends, naps, long walks and biographies. He is co-founder of trendary {check us out.}.

Our Story

Esey's version: I first met Haben in church in Asmara and after that in campus (UoA). We did not start dating until so many years later when we met again on facebook when we were both in Boston. Chapter one of our story: meeting again at Barnes and Noble; many late night chats on yahoo messenger; Chapter two: walking to pretty much every where in Boston - from watching the sunset at Charles river, to watching the boats dock in the evenings at Boston harbour, to sitting in the park listening to Haben's laugh - it was all fun. Chapter three: The promise at Christian Science Plaza followed by a long distance relationship - me from Minnesota and her from Connecticut and semester break meetings. Chapter four: Perserverance and Thanks be to God, here we are getting married!


Haben's version: The first time I noticed Esey was when a mutual friend introduced us at a Church as she knew we were both studying Computer Science. He was my senior in college. I used to think he was one of the nicest guys - I am not saying that because he is my fiance now -:) . I used to see Esey in campus after that meeting once in awhile and I used to think this guy is quiet and always doing his thing. His personality used to intrigue me. He was always ready to offer his advice on how to do well in Computer Science exams. Anyways, I moved to the US and didn’t keep intouch. After five years, I accidentally found Esey on facebook and sent him a message saying” OMG Esey how are you , how is everything back home” thinking he was in Eritrea. His response was” Hi Haben I am in Boston”. As you can imagine I was so happy to find out a person that I know in Boston living 2 miles away. We decided to meet up for coffee at Barnes and Noble and the rest is history ...


Esey met Haben's parents for the first time during the christmas break of December 2012. On one beautiful evening, Haben and Esey were taking a walk on common wealth ave towards Boston Commons. The whole sidewalk was lit with christmas lights and it was an unusually warmer winter. While enjoying the beauty in this special moment, Esey went down on his knee and asked Haben to marry him. Haben laughed, watched left and right and said yes and that is how it happened.